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Plastic Packaging Materials

We are among the top most packaging bottle manufacturers in the world. We provide the best quality of Plastic Packaging Material in the market. We have established ourselves as the most renowned plastic packing material suppliers in India. We have received positive feedbacks from our client for the high quality of plastic packaging material delivered by us.

We are proud to stand in midst of most dexterous Packaging Bottles manufacturers, who proffer eco friendly plastic packaging material. Our unparalleled plastic packaging material is quite efficient against any microbial activity. Our disposable plastic packaging materials have wide range of application in domestic as well as international market. In addition to this, our plastic packaging material has high adhesive power which ensures their durability.

Our peerless HDPE Bottle are ready for any unnatural temperature and pressure. We manufacture recycled HDPE Bottle which show a true example of modern technology. Moreover, our matchless HDPE Bottle are widely used in the renowned laboratories, schools and colleges. Lastly, our colorful HDPE Bottle are easily available at reasonable price.

HDPE Container used in :-
  • Containers
  • Tupperware
  • Laundry detergent bottles
  • Milk cartons
  • Fuel tanks for vehicles
  • Containment of certain chemicals
  • Chemical-resistant piping systems
  • Geothermal heat transfer piping systems
  • Natural gas distribution pipe systems
  • Water pipes, for domestic water supply.
  • Coax cable inner insulators (dielectric insulating spacer)

PET Containers used in :-
PET can be semi-rigid to rigid, depending on its thickness, and is very lightweight. It makes a good gas and fair moisture barrier, as well as a good barrier to alcohol (requires additional "Barrier" treatment) and solvents. It is strong and impact-resistant. It is naturally colorless and transparent.

Blow Moulding Containers :-
The main applications are bottles, jars and other containers.

Plastic Packaging Materials Manufacturer We are rated among the top packaging bottles manufacturers in world arena. Our dedication and hard work have ranked us among the leading HDPE Bottle exporters in India. We proffer the best quality, which provides durability as well. It does not affect much of your pocket. read more...

Plastic Packaging Materials Exporter We are one of the paramount HDPE Containers manufacturers located in India. Our unmatched HDPE Containers are quite effective against the development of any micro organisms. Available in distinct designs, our unrivaled plastic storage containers are easily available at acceptable price. read more...

Plastic Packaging Materials Supplier Amongst the HDPE Jerrycan Jar manufacturers, we are an eminent manufacturer for unparalleled plastic packaging jars. We wholesale plastic jars which are available in distinct designs and colors. Our robust plastic packaging jars are easily available at honest price. read more...

Plastic Packaging Materials manufacturer We are one of the paramount HDPE Jerrycan manufacturers and plastic can exporters, offering unique plastic Jerry can. Moreover, Daga Poly Containers Pvt Ltd., is one of an eminent plastic Jerry can suppliers based in India. Lastly, client’s satisfaction is our top-notch priority. read more...

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